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During the 1980's the original Turbodryer 2000 grew rapidly to become one of the leading professional hair dryers in salons all across Europe. Since the early 1990's the company have focussed on creating market-leading dryers; they have achieved this by always maintaining focus upon the technological requirements that professional salons have and then fulfilling these needs time and time again.


One of the most influential and innovative creations from the company was the introduction of a transparent casing in the 1990s which allowed the user to see the incredible technology inside the hair dryer for the first time. These ETI hair dryers became a much sought after product and helped to drive the sales to the professional market to new heights.


The turn of the millenium saw ETI continue to grow and maintain a strong production base to serve the needs of every stylist. Becoming an integrated company allowed them to designate different areas of production to a number of newly created departments, which overaw the design process from the original design to the finished product all under one roof. Nowadays ETI concentrate on innovating by creating more powerful, lighter and more ergonomic products.

The Team at Salon Internation 2018. ExCeL London.

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